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Work Charging

Workplace charging – E-Vision provides a range of commercial electric car charging points for business including the DC Rapid Charge. We bring you the best products for electric car charging at home. Only installing the best home EV chargers in and around the UK.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Support a green business initiative by reducing your carbon footprint. Remove carbon emission.

A positive financial impact

Monitor your electric consumption. Electric vehicles are the environmentally friendly choice and ‘green’ choices are rewarded.

Work Charging

Our Smart EV charging points for the workplace are available with a wide range of controls and payment options which include easy to install and free to use.


Customers stay for longer. Retail businesses benefit from EV charging stations. They motivate customers to stay and browse for longer with straightforward parking facilities that can simultaneously provide charging benefits. Longer browsing increases the shopping basket.

Workplace charging is ideal, because cars are parked there for long periods (e.g. employee vehicles during work hours, fleet vehicles overnight), providing a meaningful charge from low cost EV charging points.

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With the introduction of low and ultra low emission zones, and an upcoming ban on new diesel and petrol cars and vans, the pressure on businesses to upgrade their fleet is increasing. And with the EV market growing, widespread adoption and the expectation for charging provisions in workplaces as standard is not too far off. Businesses can gain a competitive advantage by getting ahead, and can currently take advantage of existing workplace grant schemes for installing charge points or buying certain new EVs for their fleet.

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