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Home Charging

E Vision EV charger installation is a simple safe process, that is fully certified by our Approved Electrician.
We also know your home may not always be a standard install, that’s why we offer a free online consultation to discuss any questions you may have.

Standard Installations
What’s Included:
• Install of your EV charger to a suitable permanent structure
• Up to 10M of 6mm Cable clipped direct between your distribution board & EV Charger
• A cable run through a single wall up to 500mm in thickness
• Commission, test & certification upon completion

What your home needs:
• Appropriate WiFi at charger location (if appropriate depending on which EV Charger you choose)
•Appropriate earthing arrangements on site to comply with BS7671 electrical regulations.

Fast Reliable Service

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Guaranted Installation

E-Vision offers guaranteed 14 days installation

Flexible Services

We offer wide range of flexible services

Home Charging

Our smart EV Charging Pod Point App and automatically power balances with your home


The UK Government is leading the way to ensure that EV charging points are Smart. As per the government definitions published on 14 December 2018, this means charge points must be able to be remotely accessed, and capable of receiving, interpreting and reacting to a signal.

Smart EV charging can also reduce high peaks of electricity demands, minimising the cost of electric vehicles to the electricity system – and keeping costs down for consumers by encouraging off-peak charging.

All government funded home charge points for EV’s must use innovative ‘Smart’ technology from July 2019, fulfilling the commitment in the Road to Zero Strategy published earlier this year.

Here at Smart Home Charge we are committed and specialise in Smart Home Charger installations and believe in providing the best future proofed charging solutions on the market.

E-Vision has experienced in-house engineers (no subcontractors) based all over the UK mainland, so we are able to install EV chargers across most of England, Wales and Scotland. Some more remote locations might have longer lead times, however, depending on availability. 


t’s possible to charge your electric car with the 3-pin plug charger cable supplied with the vehicle, but it’s slow and offers fewer options than a dedicated home charge point. Some of the most common reasons our customers choose to have a fit-for-purpose charge point installed included:


Charging an electric car requires a high and consistent electric current over a long period of time. It is generally considered that a standard electrical socket is not suitable for such a prolonged period of use and overheating of the socket may occur.

Speed of charge

A 2.3kW 3-pin plug typically takes more than 20 hours to fully charge an EV, while a typical 7.4kW wallbox home charging device will comfortably charge the average electric vehicle overnight (usually within eight hours). You can see typical rates of charge here or check the charging time for each vehivle.


One of the criticisms levelled at electric cars is the amount of time they can take to charge. However, most EV owners charge overnight with a dedicated wall-mounted device, which means they wake up to a fully charged vehicle every morning. Think about it more like your smartphone – rather than waiting for the battery to run empty before you charge, it is charged regularly and usually when you’re not using it. Electric vehicles are used in a similar way.

Apart from full electric and plug-in hybrid cars, other electric vehicles such as vans and motorbikes can charge using our charge points.

The main thing you need to check is the connection type on the vehicle – is it Type 1 or Type 2. The most common connection type nowadays is Type 2. 

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